Enjoy the fresh air in the cave

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There is no better plan to combat the heat of the summer than enjoying the fresh air of the most impressive caves of San Sebastian Region.

The Arditurri mines, the replica of the Ekain cave, Ekainberri, and poignant Oñati-Arrikrutz complete a fascinating inland trip through San Sebastian Region’s past.

OÑATIARRIKRUTZ (Oñati) In the town of Oñati, Arritrutz is an underground Baroque cathedral built by nature and formed by over a dozen kilometres of interconnected tunnels, of which 500 m can be visited. This was home for prehistoric wild animals such as bears, panthers and lions - look out for their footprints!

ARDITURRI The Arditurri mines worked almost non-stop for 2000 years. In the Iron Age and then during the Roman occupation, they were a considerable source of iron, lead, silver and fluorite. Nowadays, they are an amazing space that you can visit in the heart of the Aiako Harria Natural Park in Oiartzun.

EKAINBERRI Ekain is the best kept underground treasure in the Basque Country. For decades, the valuable paintings in this Palaeolithic cave had to be protected from mass visits. So in 2008, Ekainberri opened in Zestoa as a more than true representation, very close to the original artistic sanctuary. Ekainberri offers activities such as Experimental Archaeology and the Ekain Adventure, where you can learn to hunt wild animals, get to know the flora and fauna of the period and paint, make fire and cook just like they did 14,500-10,000 years ago.



San Sebastian Region Tourism Office


The Romans set up camp in IRUN twenty centuries ago.


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Ruta motera por el litoral de Gipuzkoa

Los amantes de la carretera y de las vistas al mar tienen la oportunidad de recorrerse Gipuzkoa 


Tierra Ignaciana


Ya está aquí la programación de "Los tesoros escondidos”





San Sebastian Region Tourism Office


30 years ago, txakoli was considered to be a low quality, acidic drink. 



San Sebastián Region Tourism Office

Guide to go out for pintxos

To put in practice:



¡Vamos a la playa!

Ahora que empieza el buen tiempo, te proponemos las mejores playas para ir con niños en San Sebastian Region. #SnSnRegion

Basquelands Way

The coast wakes up

Spring is here and the ocean starts to call us little by little.


Turismo Zarautz

Pro Zarautz Surf Championship

Do you want to enjoy a good sport event? The Pro Zarautz Surf Championship is here!




Easter week is just around the corner and Debagoiena is a great option to spend some days on holiday. 


Urola Garaia

Family activities for Easter in Urola Garaia

Family activities for Easter




¡We also celebrate Easter here! 


Sagardoaren Lurraldea


Would you like to venture into the world of cider in a different way?


Casino Kursaal

Casino Kursaal

¡Un plan original en un edificio único y emblemático de la ciudad, lleno de historia y en pleno centro! #SnSnRegion


Mucho más que un alojamiento

Nuestro patrón San Ignacio de Loyola recorrió, peregrinó, viajó, descubrió… se encontró. #SnSnRegion

Basquelands Way

Ignatian way - St. James way - Personal way

Our patron Saint Ignacio walked along, peregrinated, travelled, discovered… found himself.  #SnSnRegion

Urola turismo

Inaziotar lurraldea haurrekin

Milaka urtetako abentura batean murgildu nahi duzu? #SnSnRegion